What We Do

1.Education Support

We provide education support in form of Partial and Full Bursaries. Full bursaries are
merit based while partial bursaries are need based. The programme operates primarily
in slums & rural areas in Uganda where the poor make up a bigger percentage of the
population and where children have little access to education due to poverty and a lack
of value for education.
Children in such areas tend to drop out of school early because the cost of education is
high compared with the income of families who are poor. These costs include school fees,
school maintenance, books, pens and uniforms, many of which have to be paid at the beginning
of the school year. It is common for people in these areas to have jobs which pay by the day;
therefore it is difficult for parents to pay out large sums in one go, especially in families
with three or four children.
The program runs from Pre-primary through University levels and normally covers 50% of
school/Tuition fees which makes it easier for the beneficiaries to afford education. Since
December 2011, 1700 students have benefited from this scheme.

We believe that Education is the most lasting and effective way we can help young people and
their families to escape from the cycle of poverty. Over the years, we have realized that our
actions however small can make a difference in someone’s life and cause tremendous impact in

Other Programs
2. Child Sponsorship

3. Self sustainability skills training

4. Leadership training

5. HIV/AIDS awareness & Sensitization

6. Guidance and Counseling

7. Scholastic materials: Books, Pens, Geometry sets, Uniforms, washing soap, reams,